Walk in Chamber

Walk in chamber comes in a variety of sizes, from a small box that fits on the bench top to a room-sized chamber for large objects or for testing large batches of product simultaneously. Temperature ranges from -60° C to 150° C and relative humidity ranges between 20% and 90% are available. A temperature humidity walk in chamber can also be used when constant climate conditions (temperature and/or humidity) are needed for product testing.

Walk in test chamber simulates the effects that a range of temperature and humidity conditions have on a product or material, for example telecommunications equipment or photovoltaic solar panels that are exposed to outdoor temperature and humidity conditions.

  • Graceful appearance, circularly shaped body, surface treated with mist strips and plane handle with no reaction. Easy to operate, safe and reliable.Rectangular double-glassed watching window for the observation of the test production during the testing process. The window is equipped with sweat-proof electrical heating device that can prevent water steam from condensing into droplets, and with high brightness PL fluorescent bulbs to provide light inside the box.
  • Double layer insulated airtight doors, able to insulate the internal temperature effectively. Water supply system that is externally connectable, convenient for refilling water into the humidifying pot and automatically recyclable.
  • The French Tecumseh brand is used for the circulation system of the compressor, capable of removing the lubricant between the condensation pipes and capillaries.
  • The environment-protecting coolant is used for the whole series(R232, R404)6. Imported LCD display screen, capable of displaying the measured value as well as the set value and time.
  • The control unit has the functions of multiples segment program editing, and of quick or slope control of temperature and humidity. Inserted mobile pulley, convenient for movement a relocation, with strong positioning screws.

Technical Specifications

Model Desc QTTH-W5000 QTTH-W8000 QTTH-W15000 QTTH-W20000 QTTH-W25000 QTTH-W34000 QTTH-W40000
Test Volume 5000L 8000L 15000L 20000L 25000L 34000L 40000L
Temperature Range -70℃~ +85℃ -70℃~ +85℃ -70℃~ +80℃ -65℃~ +80℃ -60℃~ +80℃/  -60℃~ +75℃ -60℃~ +75℃
Humidity Range 20%– 95%RH< 20%– 95%RH< 30%– 95%RH< 30%– 95%RH< 30%– 95%RH< 30%– 95%RH< 30%– 95%RH<
Temp Uniformity ±0.5~± 1.0℃ ±0.5~± 1.0℃ ±0.5~± 2.0℃ ±1.0~± 2.0℃ ±1.0~± 2.5℃ ±1.5~± 2.5℃ ±1.5~± 2.5℃
Heating Rate 3℃~ 5℃ 3℃~ 5℃ 3℃~ 5℃ 3℃~ 5℃ 3℃~ 5℃ 8℃~ 12℃ 8℃~ 12℃
Cooling Rate 0.7℃~ 1.5℃ 0.7℃~ 1.5℃ 1.0℃~ 1.5℃ 1.0℃~ 1.7℃ 3.5℃~ 5.5℃ 4.7℃~ 5.5℃ 4.7℃~ 8.5℃
Refrigerant R404A R23 R508 R404A R23 R508 (OPTIONAL)
Noise Level (dB) 65 65 65 70 70 70 70
Power Supply 380V ±10% 400V±10% 50Hz, 60Hz 380V ±10% 400V±10% 50Hz, 60Hz 380V ±10%


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