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Weather Ometer / Xenon Test Chamber


Qualitest Weather Ometer use xenon arc lamp as a light source. It is an equipment for simulation and strengthening of weathering accelerated aging test. After testing, you can receive the accurate atmospheric aging test results, used to evaluate the weather resistance of the testing material/ samples.

The weathering test is an important way to optimize the composition of the product in the process of scientific research and production. It is also an important part of the product quality inspection. Application for testing such as coatings, plastic, aluminum-plastic plate and automobile safety glass are required to do this kind of weather-ability test.

The main factors that cause the aging for material/ product are sunlight and moisture. The weather ometer can simulate hazards which caused by sunlight, rain and dew. The weather ometer uses the xenon lamp to simulate the damage of sunlight, use condensed moisture simulates the rain and dew,

The testing material/ product placed in a certain temperature of the light and moisture alternating cycle of the program to test, with a few days or weeks to reproduce the outdoor months or even years of the emergence of the harm/ damage.

Artificial accelerated aging test data can help use select new materials/ right product, modify existing materials, and evaluate how the formulation changes affect the durability of the material/ product.


  • Lamps, internal filters, external filters, digital power supply and other core accessories for Qualitest Weather Ometer comply with other well-known brands in Europe or America.  
  • Qualitest Weather Ometer comply with AATCC, ASTM, GME, GMW, ISO, JASO, SAE, VDA, VW related testing standard
  • Qualitest Weather Ometers are made of high quality components.  The real reproduction of outdoor climate, heat, humidity and rainfall and other comprehensive conditions, Make the sample artificial accelerated aging test.

Technical Specifications



QT-WTH -175

QT-WTH -500

Test Volume




Inter Dimensions

500 × 400 × 400mm

700 × 500 × 500mm

800 × 800 × 800mm

Outer Dimensions

700 × 1100 × 1950mm

900 × 1150 × 1950mm

1350 × 1350 × 1950mm

Cooling System

Air Cooling

Water Cooling

Temperature Range

RT+10°C to 65°C

RT+10°C to 85°C

Humidity Range (brightness)

20% to 70%RH

20% to 78%RH

Humidity Range (darkness)

20% to 95%RH

20% to 98%RH

Spraying Period

1 to 240 minutes

Interval (cut-off)

Spectral Wavelength

290 to 800nm

Light Irradiance Deviation

± 0.01W/m2


150 to 1500W/m2

Accuracy Range

Setting/direction accuracy: temperature ±0.1°C, humidity ±1%R.H

Sensor Type

PT100Ω/MV (platinum resistance)

Humidification System

External insulation, stainless steel surface, evaporative humidifier

Black Panel Temperature

40 to 100°C

40 to 110°C

Water Supply System

Self-filtration, auto control humidification, water supply, lamp cooling circulating

Temperature Controller

Colorful touch screen and Siemens PLC modules controller


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