Windsor Pin System- ASTM C-803

Windsor Pin System- ASTM C-803

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Windsor Pin System

For In-Place Testing of Normal and High-Performance Concrete

The Windsor Pin System is a unique instrument for measuring the strength of new or existing construction materials in situ utilizing the established principle of resistance to penetration.

The Windsor Pin System measures the compressive strength of concrete, mortar and brick in-situ, quickly and accurately. A non-explosive instrument, the Windsor® Pin System uses a spring-loaded device to drive a steel pin into the concrete (or mortar). The depth of penetration of the needle correlates to the compressive strength of the material under test. A removable chuck and a small pin size facilitate the testing of mortar joints; this is the only system for testing the in-place strength of brick mortar joints.

Features of the Windsor Pin System
  • Portable and completely self-contained.
  • Safe to use - non explosive.
  • Economical - steel pin can be reused.
  • Non destructive.
  • Removable chuck facilitates testing of mortar strength in masonry.
  • Conforms to ASTM C-803
  • Test new concrete products and structures for early strength.
  • Evaluate the in situ strength in existing structures, e.g., after suspected fire damage.
  • Test strength of block, brick, and mortar joints within an existing structure, e.g., load bearing walls.
  • Test polymer concrete and patching compound.
  • Quality control of precast elements such as block, brick slabs and pipe.
Windsor Pin System Windsor Pin System
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