EDX600 XRF X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer
Sample Chamber
Typical Applications

Specially designed for precious metal detection.

Unique Configuration, fully functional software and user friendly interface.


  • Specially designed for jewllery analysis such as Au, Ag, Cu, Pt, Pd
  • Mainly used in precious metal and ornament processing industries; Banks, ornament sale and detection institutes


  • Single sample chamber: 12”*12”*8”
  • Adopt closed proportional counter as detector
  • Preamplifier and main amplifier circuits
  • High voltage power supply tube voltage (Max): 50kv
  • X-ray tube: Tungsten target material
  • X-ray optical system: Bottom optical system
  • CCD Camera: 1.4 Million pixels CCD Camera
  • Applicable software: Precious metal analysis software
  • Collimator: ø 3m

Safety Features:

  • Double shield cover, outer cover has lead sheet which prevents X-ray from leaking
  • The shield cover of the instrument has interlock with high voltage of X-tube. When the cover is open the X-ray tube is shut down automatically to prevent X-ray from leaking
  • X-ray tube has interlock with software. the tube is shut down if the software is not running

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