QualiX-T1 XRF X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer

High resolution coating thickness gauge

Plating thickness analysis expert

Rapid Accurate Non-destructive:

  • QualiX-T1 XRF X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer is tailor-made for rapid and non-destructive detection of plating thickness and elemental analysis.
  • QualiX-T1 XRF X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer adopts the top lightening structure, 3-D movable sample platform and laser positioning system, which enables the
  • possibility of the point-by-point detection of plating thickness and elemental content on large-size parts.
  • QualiX-T1 XRF X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer is equipped with top lightening structure, 3-D movable sample
  • platform double-lasser positioning system, and open sample chamber.
  • The up-and-down movable glass scield cap helps prevent the leakage of X-rays.
  • QualiX-T1 XRF X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer has a modern design, structure and attractive color.
  • A set of functional software is also fully supplied


  • Electro plating, Ornament processing, Precious metal.
  • Elemental content detection of precious metals like Au, Pt, Ag, and ornaments
  • Metal plating thickness analysis and elemental detection of plating and eletroplating solution.
  • Mainly used in precious metal, ornoment processing, banks, ornament sale and detection and electroplating industries

Technical Specifications

  • Analysis range - (K) ~ (U)
  • Many layers can be analyzed at a time
  • The detection limit of thickness can reach - 0.01 μm
  • More than 5 plating layers can be analyzed simultaneously
  • Independent matrix effect correction model: most
  • Advanced thickness analysis methoAdvanced method
  • Repeatability is up to 0.01 μm
  • Ambient temperature range - 15-30°c
  • Working voltage - AC220v ± 5v
  • AC purified stabilized voltage power supply recommended


  • Open sample chamber
  • 3-D movement is realized by 2-D movable platform and up and down movement of detector and X-ray tube
  • Double laser positioning system
  • Automatic collimator switch
  • Glass schield cap
  • Proportional detector
  • Electronic circuit for signal detection
  • High and low voltage power supply
  • Electro-cooling Si-PIN semiconductor detector instead of liquid nitrogen cooling one
  • X-ray tube
  • PC and ink-jet printer
  • Sample Chamber: 517*352*150mm
  • Machine Dimension: 648*490*544mm

Safety Features

  • The shield cover of the instrument has interlocks with high voltage of X-ray tube, when the cover is open the X-ray tube is shut down.
  • The up and down movable glass shield help to prevent the radiation of X-ray away from operator
  • X-ray tube has interlocks with software. The tube is shut down when software is not running

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