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Qualitest Introduces the Latest Advanced Rubber Testing Solution: The Digital Shore Durometer Hardness Tester – DRIVE Series

In a significant leap forward for the rubber testing industry, Qualitest in collaboration with Gibitre proudly announces the launch of the latest innovation, the Digital Shore Durometer Hardness Tester – DRIVE Series, available in Shore A, D, DO, and OO scales.

This instrument is an upgraded, high-precision Shore Durometer/Hardness Tester with an integrated temperature and humidity sensor for your Rubber and Elastomer Materials, which sets a new standard for precision, reliability, and user-friendliness.

Built upon years of expertise and research, the DRIVE Series durometer represents a top technological innovation in rubber hardness testing. Compliant with ASTM D2240, ISO 12046, ISO 868, ISO 48-4, and ISO 7267-2 standards, this series uses advanced digital technology to provide unmatched accuracy and efficiency. It helps industries that depend on rubber materials maintain the highest standards of quality control and product performance.

Key Features of Digital Shore Durometer Hardness Tester – DRIVE Series

The DRIVE Series Digital Shore Durometer is packed with innovative features designed to deliver the highest levels of precision, usability, and efficiency in hardness testing. Here are five key features that set this device apart.

1. Highest Accuracy and Repeatability

Our Digital Shore Durometer Hardness Tester is equipped with a high-resolution sensor and frictionless mechanical construction, ensuring the utmost precision and repeatability in measurements. This advanced design guarantees that every reading is consistent and reliable, meeting the stringent demands of quality control in various industries.

2. Comprehensive Data Collection

This durometer goes beyond basic hardness measurement by providing comprehensive data. It calculates both initial and post-test hardness, measures ambient and specimen surface temperatures, and records relative humidity. This extensive data collection capability ensures a thorough understanding of material properties under various environmental conditions.

3. Robust Memory and Data Management

With the ability to store up to 60 measurements, the DRIVE Series allows for efficient data management and later transfer to software for detailed analysis. The built-in memory storage ensures that critical data is preserved, facilitating easy retrieval and comprehensive reporting.

4. User-Friendly Display and Long-Lasting Battery

The large 25 x 50 mm digital display provides clear and convenient readability, enhancing the user experience. Coupled with a rechargeable lithium battery, the DRIVE Series offers extended usage times, ensuring that it is always ready for testing when needed. This combination of readability and long-lasting power makes it an ideal tool for both field and laboratory settings.

5. Enhanced Control and Optional Software Integration

The DRIVE Series offers precise control over the applied load during manual operation, ensuring accurate and consistent results. Additionally, optional software is available for direct data acquisition and curve generation during test execution, further enhancing the device's analytical capabilities. The quick test stand application feature allows for easy attachment without the need for perpendicularity adjustment, streamlining the testing process and reducing setup time.

These advanced features make the DRIVE Series Digital Shore Durometer an essential tool for professionals who require precise, reliable, and comprehensive hardness testing. This represents a significant advancement in rubber testing technology, offering unmatched precision and efficiency to our customers. 

Manual Holders for Round Surface Testing: The Robust DRIVE Series Accessories

When it comes to testing rubber hardness on round surfaces, achieving stability and accuracy can be a challenge. Our DRIVE Series addresses this pain point with specialized manual holders designed explicitly for round surface testing.

These robust accessories provide optimal support and stability, ensuring precise and reliable results every time. With these manual holders, you can confidently perform tests on cylindrical or curved samples, significantly enhancing the versatility and capabilities of your instrument.

The DRIVE Series offers the perfect solution for industries needing precise rubber hardness testing on non-flat surfaces, ensuring you maintain the highest standards of quality control and product performance.

The Digital Shore Durometer Hardness Tester – DRIVE Series, along with its robust manual holders for round surface testing, stands as a comprehensive solution for accurate and efficient rubber hardness testing. With this DRIVE Series, Qualitest and Gibrite aim to empower industries to elevate their quality control processes and achieve superior product performance.

For more information about the Digital Shore Durometer Hardness Tester – DRIVE Series, please visit our website here.