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Do you want Rockwell or Brinell Testers for the Modern Times? Find out more from Qualitest

The most popular and widely used method of Hardness Testing can be performed using Qualitest’s range of Rockwell Hardness Testers. Our models start from low cost analog models and go up to sophisticated and advanced load-cell type models. The popular HardRocker, QualiRock, Rocky series hardness tester models have configurations suitable for Regular and/or Superficial Rockwell Hardness Testing, while our advanced Universal Hardness Tester Range can test the full Rockwell scale in addition to Brinell & Vickers. Qualitest also offers Automatic In-line hardness testers for high volume testing at the best price.

For Bench Top Models:

Typical Bench top Rockwell and Brinell hardness testers application: metal processing and fabrication, heat treating including Carburizing and hardening metal part, QC Lab, Auto parts quality inspection, Aero industry, mould and dies making, research Lab, education and training program in universities.

Electronic Load-cell method makes the installation quite easy, testing results more accurate. No physical dead-weights installation is required anymore.

For Handheld Models:

Want fast hardness testing results? Choose Qualitest for a Reliable Partner. Typical application areas include QC Lab, metal fabricating, heat treating and machining processing field.

QualiTip series, Hartip 3000 as well as ultrasonic type hardness tester: They are digital, portable, very easy to carry to working site, especially for checking hardness on large, massive and installed big test pieces, the test values can be converted into different scales such as HRC, HB, HRB, HL by program.


Ideal design of indenter arm of QualiRock series units is for testing hardness on both regular flat surface and inside ring.


The load cell QualiBrineller with TAB also comes with a buint-in CCD Brinell measuring system and touch screen tablet, it makes Brinell testing, data acquisition, test value measurements and readings display &converting, store, and indentation re-analysis all in one and digitally.

Explore our range of Rockwell Hardness Testers

Qualitest is well aware of the various testing requirements that may arise in different industries. We guarantee efficient logistics and a high level of standards. Our products are built to last and various government agencies, educational institutions, and private businesses have benefitted from our advanced state-of-the-art testing products.

For more information, write to us at [email protected]