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Expedited Shipping, Best Price: Qualitest Delivers Value to Manufacturer in Middle East

As a leader in the area of quality testing, we continue to exceed client expectations each time we engage with them. A leading motor manufacturing company in the Middle East approached us for high quality Gel Timers that they wanted delivered within a week. The task was challenging, especially due to shipping delays worldwide. 

The Qualitest team got together to conduct preliminary research on client requirements. The client was working with varnish as an insulator for motor system. They showed interest in our high-quality Gel Timer instrument as they wanted to determine the gel time of varnish for their application. The client did request a shortened delivery time as they quickly wanted to take delivery and start testing. 

Once the client compared our quotes with the rest of the market along with the specification of the instrument combined with our world class customer service, it was easy to right away make the purchase decision.

Keeping all factors in mind, we rose to the occasion and were able to shorten the standard lead time to meet client expectations. The products were delivered within a week! 

Qualitest, with its trusted supplier network, is well aware of the various testing requirements that may arise in different industries. Besides efficient logistics and a high level of standards, we guarantee the best prices as well. Our products are built to last and various government agencies, educational institutions, and private businesses have benefitted from our advanced state-of-the-art testing products.

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