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Explore Qualitest’s Cutting Edge Vickers Hardness Testers

Qualitest has led the industry in the area of hardness testing for years. One of our most sought after products is our cutting edge Vickers Hardness Testers. Our fully automatic Micro Vickers Hardness Testers are integrated with many new technologies such as optical imaging, mechanical displacement, electronic control, digital imaging, image analysis, computer processing, etc.

Used widely in the manufacturing and standards testing industry, our testers meet most international standards, including ISO 6507, ASTM E384 and JIS Z2244. Following are the advantages to owning a Qualitest Vickers Hardness Testers:

  • System linkage: Through the communication interface it realizes the linkage between the system and the hardness tester.
  • Pressure linkage: When converting test force, the system percepts the test force change and displays in real time.
  • Turret linkage: The software controls the shifting between the objective and the indenter without manual control.
  • Loading linkage: The software controls the loading without manual control.
  • Measuring linkage: The software controls the turret, loading and directly reading the Vickers hardness value.
  • Light source linkage: Automatic focus.
  • Image acquisition: Real time display of hardness image, store and print image.
  • Automatic measurement: Automatically find the four vertices of indentation with fast speed and accurate data, there are many professional algorithms to be suitable for different indentation. It continuously and immediately measures at specified coordinates once loading.
  • Automatic point search: The system automatically finds the best vertices near the four vertices of the indentation, greatly reducing the human error.
  • Diagonal measurement: Click the top left and lower right corner of the indentation, you can read the hardness value.
  • Four point measurement: Click the four points of the indentation and you can read the hardness value.
  • Hardness conversion: According to the national standard, automatically convert the hardness value between Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers, Knoop, real-time display.
  • Graphic report: Automatic record of measurement data, automatic generation of hardness-depth curves, saving or printing the hardness-depth curves and all indentation measurements. Save or print the indentation image and the current indentation hardness value. All the reports are saved in Word file.

Our products are highly customizable and our team of experts can help you navigate the standards requirements alongside helping you choose the right machine for your unique requirement. For more information, write to us at

Qualitest is well aware of the various testing requirements that may arise in different industries. We guarantee efficient logistics and a high level of standards. Our products are built to last and various government agencies, educational institutions, and private businesses have benefitted from our advanced state-of-the-art testing products.

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