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Gradient Oven is key in determining the drying behavior of liquid & powder coatings.

Asim K.

For our client as the world-renown VR headsets company, the Gradient Oven was key in determining and evaluating the drying behaviour of liquid coatings, powder coatings, resins, plastics for their finished product. The oven allows the process to be sped up and assess the temperature profile with its 45 heating elements for temperatures in up to 30 - 250 °C. Overall the oven saves time, provides curing temperatures while helping you simulate the thermic process. Alternatively, you can reach temperatures of 30 - 320 °C if you need to.   

The gradient-oven has proven itself to be very effective in the development and quality control of powder coatings. When coating test panels, the reverse of the test panel is covered with a second panel and masked around the edges with masking tape. Following electrostatic coating, the tape and rear panel are removed. The prepared panel can then be easily baked in the gradient-oven. There are 2 fundamental differences between laboratory ovens and gradient ovens. In the laboratory oven, the test panel is heated up by means of

circulating air, in the gradient-oven through contact with the heating bank. Furthermore, in the laboratory oven, the test panel is heated evenly from both sides, i.e. on both the

coated and uncoated surfaces; in the gradient-oven, only the object surface is heated.

Liquid paints are applied with a film applicator and film application device. It is possible to apply them by spraying, once the edges and reverse of the test panel have been masked. Powder coatings are applied electrostatically to either masked panels or panels covered with a magnetic strip.

Each baking process consists of a heat-up phase, a baking phase and a cool-down phase. With the gradient oven, the heat-up phase can be used or by-passed as desired. The heat-up phase can be programmed to meet the requirements of the test. The baking time can be programmed in minutes and seconds. Max. 99 minutes and 999 seconds.