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Qualitest's Horizontal Flammability Tester Helps Ensuring Automotive Interior Safety for Carpenter Company’s Product

Carpenter Company, the renowned global manufacturer of polyurethane foams and chemical solutions, aimed to enhance automotive safety by ensuring the flammability resistance of materials used in automotive interior compartments.

Recognizing the importance of compliance with stringent industry standards, Carpenter Company turned to Qualitest and their cutting-edge Horizontal Flammability Tester.

This success story showcases how Qualitest's instrument provided the solution Carpenter Company needed to meet their testing requirements and ensure the safety and quality of their products.

Customer Background and Challenge

Carpenter Company, with its extensive expertise in manufacturing polyurethane foams, recognized the critical need for assessing the flammability of materials used in automotive interior compartments.

As a key supplier to the automotive industry, Carpenter Company aimed to enhance safety standards and ensure their products met stringent regulations and industry specifications. They required a reliable and compliant testing apparatus to evaluate the horizontal flammability of their materials following exposure to small flames.

As the world's largest vertically integrated manufacturer of polyurethane foams, Carpenter Company prioritizes the safety and quality of their products. With a diversified global marketplace and a focus on enhancing people's lives, Carpenter Company recognized the importance of conducting comprehensive flammability testing for materials used in automotive interior compartments.

Compliance with industry standards such as ASTM FMVSS 302, ISO 3795, and DIN 75200 was crucial to meet regulatory requirements and ensure the safety of passengers.

Horizontal Flammability Tester: The Ideal Solution for Carpenter Co.

Qualitest's Horizontal Flammability Tester offered the ideal solution for Carpenter Company's flammability testing needs at the Russellville, Kentucky, United States, office. Here's how the instrument addressed their requirements and provided a reliable testing solution:

1. Compliance with Industry Standards

The Horizontal Flammability Tester met the rigorous requirements of industry standards, including ASTM FMVSS 302, ISO 3795, DIN 75200, FAR Part 25 F1, ABD 0031, AITM 2003, BSS 7230, and FIAT 50433. This ensured that Carpenter Company could confidently perform tests that aligned with regulatory guidelines and industry best practices.

2. Robust Construction and Safety Features

The apparatus featured a structure crafted from AISI 304 stainless steel, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. The transparent glass door allowed for easy observation of the testing process while maintaining safety. The inclusion of a pull-out drawer for collecting burned fragments upgraded convenience and safety during the testing procedure.

3. Precise Flame Management

The Horizontal Flammability Tester came equipped with a removable horizontal sample support featuring steel wires. This design allowed Carpenter Company to precisely manage the flame and position the materials correctly for accurate testing. The instrument's Bunsen burner with a 9.5mm diameter and support facilitated controlled flame application to the samples.

4. Timer and Digital Display

The instrument featured an automatic timer and digital display, enabling Carpenter Company to set the duration of the test and monitor the countdown. This feature elevated efficiency and accuracy in conducting multiple tests while ensuring consistent and standardized evaluation of material flammability.

Results and Implementation

By leveraging Qualitest's Horizontal Flammability Tester, Carpenter Company achieved their goal of enhancing safety standards in automotive interiors. The testing apparatus provided a reliable and compliant solution for assessing the horizontal flammability of their materials.

 1. Compliance and Regulatory Assurance

Carpenter Company achieved compliance with a wide range of industry standards and regulations by utilizing Qualitest's Horizontal Flammability Tester. This ensured that their materials met the necessary flammability resistance requirements, enlarge automotive safety and meeting the expectations of regulators and customers alike.

2. Enhanced Product Quality and Safety

The accurate and reliable testing provided by the Horizontal Flammability Tester allowed Carpenter Company to identify the flammability characteristics of their materials. This information enabled them to make informed decisions in material selection and formulation, ensuring the production of safer and more reliable automotive interior components.

3. Streamlined Testing Process

The user-friendly design and advanced features of the Horizontal Flammability Tester simplified the testing process for Carpenter Company. The instrument's clear digital display, automatic timer, and precise flame management capabilities streamlined their operations, saving time and increasing efficiency in their testing procedures.

4. Reputation and Customer Confidence

By partnering with Qualitest and utilizing their advanced testing equipment, Carpenter Company reinforced their commitment to product quality, safety, and compliance. This boosted their reputation as a trusted provider of automotive materials, instilling confidence in their customers and stakeholders.


As an industry leader, Carpenter Company continues to innovate and provide solutions that make our world more comfortable, safer, and healthier, while Qualitest remains committed to delivering state-of-the-art testing products and solutions that entrust its customers' success.

By leveraging Qualitest's cutting-edge testing technology, Carpenter Company successfully addressed their flammability testing needs, meeting industry standards, enhancing their product offerings, and ensuring the safety of automotive interiors.

This success story showcases Qualitest's commitment to delivering state-of-the-art testing technologies that help our customers prioritize safety, comply with industry regulations, and provide reliable and high-quality products in their respective industries.

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