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How Qualitest’s Resilience Elasticity Tester Meets Client Needs

The Rebound Resilience Elasticity Tester - DIGITEST II is a digital apparatus. Determination of the resilience elasticity of elastomers, soft elastic foams and similar during shock loading calculation of median value. The median value is calculated and indicated on the display and sent to the PC afterwards. A test function allows the control of the prescribed double swinging according to standards.

The resilience elasticity is defined as the ratio of the regained energy in relation to the applied energy. This ratio of energy corresponds with the quotient of the height of the resilience and the height of the drop of the pendulum.

Our recently delivered State of the art testing machine will help our client’s R&D department with the development of new and improved foam materials to be used in various industrial applications. Because of the critical nature of the current project we were able to expedite production and delivery of the equipment, ultimately saving our clients crucial time and money.

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