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Laboratory in New Zealand using Qualitest Macro Vickers Hardness Tester

M. Starks

Macro Vickers Hardness Tester - QV-5Z/10Z/30Z/50Z is a new product combining the optics, mechanic and electrics features. It adopts the load cell control system, improves the precision of the test force and the repeatability and stability of the indicating value. It adopts the high-resolution colour touch screen which is visual and clear, easy to operate, display backlight adjustable with energy-saving mode.

With digital measuring eyepiece, no need for checking the table or inputting the diagonal of the indentation, it can directly show the test force, indentation length, dwell time, test numbers, conversion scale, date and time. As long as press the eyepiece button after measuring the indentation length, it can automatically get the hardness value and shows on the screen.

Test results can be saved in real-time with automatic calculation of maximum, minimum and average value, the data can be arbitrary deleted and printed out, and with an RS232 interface for connecting to the computer. It also equipped with CCD image automatic measuring system.

Our laboratory customer in New Zealand will be using this Vickers tester to inspect the hardness value of samples from their customers in the engineering industry.