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The Metal Pendulum Impact Testing Machine conducting metal impact tests

To detect the impact resistance of metallic materials under dynamic loading, manufacturers and researchers conduct metal impact tests. Our Metal Pendulum Impact Testing Machine, the Quali-Impact 500, allows technicians to conduct these tests continuously, with high processing precision.

With a unique pendulum buffer design to reduce swinging noise and impact damage, standard two-stage reducer, and optional automatic sample-delivery system, Quali-Impact 500 offers stability and reliability with its simple, strong structure. Equipped with a Mitsubishi PLC control system and a Tamagawa high-precision rotary encoder, this device complies with several international standards including ASTM E23-05, ISO148 and GB/T3808-2002.

Recently, Qualitest delivered a Quali-Impact 500 to the Hull Institute of Technology (HIT) in Nigeria. This machine will aid researchers in providing inspection, testing, and certification services for a multitude of industries. With a long, durable service life and low failure rates, the Quali-Impact 500 will allow HIT to conduct research and measure metallic materials’ impact resistance performance.