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Presenting Qualitest's Advanced Cement Testing Equipment

Presenting Qualitest's range of advanced Cement Testing equipment, designed to perform a variety of tasks to meet your unique requirement.

Our state-of-the-art product offerings include Carbon and Sulphur Analyzers, Cement Compression & Flexural Testing Machines, Grout and Mud Testing Machines, and more.

Carbon and Sulphur Analyzer (Infrared): QT-CS-3000G is a highly advanced infrared carbon and Sulphur analyzer which is equipped with two sets of sample pre-treatment units, the two treatment units are, resistance furnace and the high frequency induction furnace which share the same infrared detection system for analyzing the percentage of Sulphur and Carbon in combustion gases.

QT-CSA-3000G facilitates the detection of carbon and Sulphur in a wide range of specimens, such as steel, cast iron, alloy, metal ore, ceramics, cement, lime, rubber, coal, coke, refractory, carbide, graphite, oil, catalyst, soil and other solid materials. The option to select and switch between two furnaces makes it a very versatile instrument and therefore can be used to analyze the Carbon and Sulphur contents of a wide range of materials with high precision. Learn more

Preparation of Cement Specimens: In order to prepare cement samples for different testing procedures, Qualitest provides several mortar mixers with different features as well as water and air/humidity curing bath/cabinets/workbenches. Learn more

Automatic Mortar Mixer: The Automatic Mortar Mixer - QualiMIX series is used to make cement mortar and cement paste. It is offered in both manual switching or fully automatic. The unit comes with comprehensive safety equipment, a mixing bowl cover, electronic position monitoring of the mixing bowl, restart protection emergency stop switch, multilingual display and is freely programmable. Learn more

Building Lime, Grout and Mud Testing: Qualitest also provides a complete range of products for Building Lime, Grout and Mud Testing such as Mud balance, air entrainment meter, determination of bulk density, soundness and yield of lime, etc. Learn more

Setting Time and Consistency of Cement: The setting time determination of cement and mortars is one of the most important parameters for the quality inspection and verification. Learn more

Physical and Chemical Properties of Cement: Qualitest offers a wide range of cement testing machines for determining physical and chemical properties of Cement such as Expansion, fineness, bulk density, heat of hydration, shrinkage and expansion and rheological properties determination products. Learn more

Viskomat NT, Mortar, Cement and Fine Concrete Rheometer: The Viskomat NT is a versatile rotational viscometer for determining the workability of fine grained building materials such as cement paste, mortar, fine concrete, plaster etc. with maximum particle size of 2 mm. You can obtain information on flow curves and rheological parameters temperature dependent workability properties, stiffening behavior as a function of time, etc. Learn more

Cement Compression & Flexural Testing Machines: The Compression & Flexural testing product line from Qualitest offers a wide variety that will fit almost any budget. Different options between models include digital or analog display, single or dual range, and different types of configurations. All the Compression & Flexural testing machines conform to international standards for compressive & flexural tests. Learn more

Explore our range of Cement Testing Equipment here. We also deliver custom testing machinery based on your unique requirements.

Qualitest, with its trusted supplier network, is well aware of the various testing requirements that may arise in different industries. Besides efficient logistics and a high level of standards, we guarantee the best prices as well. Our products are built to last and various government agencies, educational institutions, and private businesses have benefitted from our advanced state-of-the-art testing products.

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