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Presenting Qualitest's Advanced Environmental Testing Equipment

Presenting our range of advanced Environmental Testing equipment that are capable of simulating a wide range of temperature, humidity, and other environmental conditions.

Qualitest's state-of-the-art environmental testing equipment are well-suited for testing biological items, industrial products, materials, electronic devices and components, and more.

Environmental Test Chamber: Temperature and Humidity conditioning of materials or products. Accelerated ageing of samples and materials used to better understand product quality over extended periods. Learn more

Temperature Humidity Chamber: Temperature humidity chamber is used to test material structure or composite, in the high temperature and ultralow temperature continuous environment. Suitable for electronics, LED lighting industry, auto parts, chemical industry, building materials, mobile computers, batteries, plastic, metal, rubber etc.material.

Under the condition of high and low-temperature change, test various performance reliability index of related product spare parts and materials for institutions of higher learning, scientific research units etc. The temperature humidity chamber can be used as the basis of improving product or reference. Learn more

Climatic Chamber: Qualitest's Climatic chamber is designed to do high temperature & high humidity, high and low temperature, or temperature cycling test, Climatic chamber mainly used for quality checking and assessing their quality reliability and life test.

The climatic chamber simulate a full range of temperature testing and humidity testing conditions. These chambers are designed for ease-of-use, reliability and performance and include many user-friendly features standard with your purchase for the best value in the industry.

Climatic test chambers are able to provide rapid product temperature change rates and use varying levels of relative humidity to locate design problems prior to shipping your products, improving product quality and reliability. Learn more

Ozone Tester/Ozone Chamber: Ozone test chamber is a major factor in rubber cracking although it is rare in the atmosphere, ozone aging tank simulates and enhance the condition of ozone in the atmosphere to study the effects of ozone on rubber, and then identify and evaluate the method to resist ozone and aging for rubber, adopt effective anti-aging measures to enhance the life of rubber products.

Ozone test chamber can be used to test rubber products with static tensile deformation, such as vulcanized rubber, thermoplastic rubber, cable insulating bush; Expose the test specimens to the sealed air in the ozone chamber without light and with constant ozone concentration and constant temperature according to predetermined time, and then observe the cracks on test specimens’ surface and the degree of change of other properties to evaluate the rubber’s ozone aging resistance properties. Learn more

Xenon Test Chamber: The xenon test chamber uses a xenon arc lamp as a light source. It used for the study of weathering and accelerated aging testing by closely emulating true environmental conditions.  

Controlled product degradation study (weathering), using varying light spectrum, temperature and moisture. Used to evaluate the weather resistance of the test material or samples.

The weathering test is an important way to optimize the composition of your product in the process of scientific research and production. It is also an important part of product quality inspection. Industries such as coatings, plastic, aluminum-plastic plate and automobile safety glass are all required to do this kind of weather ability test. Learn more

Thermal Shock Chamber: Qualitest’s Thermal Shock Chamber be used for testing most commercial products to see how they withstand drastic temperature changes. Simply to say, a thermal shock chamber will subject a product to the most extreme temperature conditions, instantly.

The purpose of testing a product under these circumstances by the thermal shock chamber is to observe changes in the products characteristics and check for failure occurrence of different materials and thermal expansion coefficients. These thermal shock chambers are prohibited to flammable explosive easily to volatile substances sample test or storage, corrosive substance sample testing or storage, biological sample test or storage, strong electromagnetic emission source sample test. Learn more

Rain Test Chamber: Rain Test Chamber is designed according with the standards of IEC 60529-2001 and mainly used for electronic products to do the waterproof test.

Water pump for rain test chambers uses highly pressure stainless steel pump, ensure water pressure and flow of the test cycle, the pump is installed in the side of the IP test device, and both ends of the inlet and outlet to set up the joint, easy to replace and repair. Water tank can be disassembled, the corresponding joint or hose connection is arranged in the water pipe connection. Learn more

UV Test Chamber: UV Test Chambers have been developed to provide a UV weathering. The UV simulates the effect of sunlight with fluorescent ultraviolet (UV) lamps, while rain and dew are simulated by the condensation of humidity. Learn more

DeMattia Flexing Fatigue Tester: Specimens are subject to repeated flexing through a given distance for a specified period of time so that the flex cracking and crack growth can be known. The instrument has a solid aluminum and stainless steel structure that ensures long life time and ensures repeatable results. The special movement system with both sample holders moving in opposite direction ensures considerable reduction of vibration and noise in comparison with other testers. The oscillation speed can be adjusted from 60 to 300 cycles / min. The number of cycles can be defined by the user and the test automatically stops when the set number of cycles has been reached. The flexure stroke can be adjusted from 0 to 56 mm and the distance of the clamps can be adjusted. Learn more

Freezing Tester: Our Freezing Tester units are available in vertical or horizontal configurations are used to test the bending/flexing durability of rubber, plastics, synthetic leather, shoes, etc., under cold temperatures as low as -30°C or -70°C depending on the selected model. The test chambers can be equipped with a variety of flexing/bending fixtures made of stainless steel. These models conform to ASTM D 1790, and ASTM D1593 standards. Learn more

Advanced Environmental Chamber: Advanced Environmental Test Chamber is designed for Temperature and Humidity conditioning of materials or products. Accelerated ageing of samples and materials used to better understand product quality over extended periods. Learn more

Walk in Chamber: Environmental Test Chamber is designed for testing the capability of heat-endurance, cold-endurance, dryness-endurance, and humidity-endurance. Designed to Quality Control and R&D work across all industries.

Temperature and Humidity conditioning of materials or products. Accelerated aging of samples and materials used to better understand product quality over extended periods. Learn more

Salt Spray Tester: The Salt Spray Tester – Salt Spray Cabinet – Chamber – Fog Apparatus is used to create and maintain the salt spray (fog) test environment, and test the anti-corrosion quality of all the materials surfaces after the rust-proof of painting, coating, electroplating, anodizing and rust-proof of greasing. Our salt spray testers available in two capacities meet ASTM-B117, JIS-D0201, JIS-H8502, JIS-H8610, JIS-Z2371 and other International Standards test methods. Power supplied can be configured upon request. Learn more

Environmental Stress Cracking Tester: Environmental Stress Cracking Testing is performed by slowly bending the test specimens and placing them in a holding clamp. The clamp and specimens are then placed in a test tube and immersed in a specified reagent. The test tube is sealed and placed in a constant-temperature bath. Multiple test specimens are tested at one time. Learn more

Modified Atmosphere Refrigerator: Modified Atmosphere Refrigerator - QT160, with microelectronics technology, is for making preservation experiment on fruits, vegetables, flowers and plants in modified atmosphere conditions, and keeps them fresh by controlling the concentration of O2, N2, CO2, and C2H4 and the temperature and humidity in the boxes. It is widely used in industries of microorganisms, environmental, food, research institute and so on. Learn more

Automatic Temperature Forcing System: The temperature forcing system is suitable for all kinds of semiconductor chips, flash memory / EMC / PCB circuit boards, IC, optical communication (such as transceiver, transceiver, high and low-temperature test, SFP optical module high and low-temperature test, etc.), IC industry characteristics analysis, high-low temperature cycle test, temperature shock test, product failure analysis and other reliability tests. Learn more

Ultra Low Temperature Freezer: Ultra-low temperature freezer (-86°C/-40°C) used for research institutions, automotive Industry, universities, companies, and hospitals. The ultra-low freezer -86°C suitable for scientific research institutes, disease prevention, and control, colleges and universities, biological engineering, hospitals, blood stations, ocean fishing, and electronic chemical industry, etc. 

The -86°C ultra-low freezer using France Tecumseh compressors, High-power direct cooling refrigeration system, Efficient and thick insulation metal case. When the temperature range between -86°C ~ -40°C, It can set an arbitrary value, through the professional temperature control system, temperature difference control in the range of ±2°C. The -86°C ultra-low temperature freezer has the characteristics of compact structure, fast cooling, stable operation, and convenient operation. Learn more

Cyclic Salt Spray Test Chamber: The Cyclic Salt Spray (Fog) Tester is used to create and maintain the salt spray (fog) test environment, and test the anti-corrosion quality of all the materials surfaces after the rust-proof of painting, coating, electroplating, anodizing and rust-proof of greasing. Our salt spray testers available in two capacities meet ASTM-B117, JIS-D0201, JIS-H8502, JIS-H8610, JIS-Z2371 and GB/T 10125 standard test methods. Power supplied can be configured upon request. 

ASTM-B117 Standard Practice for Operating Salt Spray (Fog) Apparatus. This practice provides a controlled corrosive environment which has been utilized to produce relative corrosion resistance information for specimens of metals and coated metals exposed in a given test chamber. It covers the apparatus, procedure, and conditions required to create and maintain the salt spray (fog) test environment. Prediction of performance in natural environments has seldom been correlated with salt spray results when used as stand-alone data. Correlation and extrapolation of corrosion performance based on exposure to the test environment provided by this practice are not always predictable and should be considered only in cases where appropriate corroborating long-term atmospheric exposures have been conducted. Learn more

Electrodynamic Shaker - Vibration Thermal Environment Chamber: Electrodynamic shaker system is mainly used for product shock and vibration testing, environmental stress screening test & reliability test. For the purpose of potential failure analysis, pcb electric board, mobile phone chip, aerospace equipment, military aircraft, bullet train and automotive parts, tanks and other heavy weapons and equipment is inseparable from the performance of the electrodynamic shaker system test.

Electrodynamic vibration shaker system provides a complete series of shock as well as vibration testing that includes force dimension, generation, as well as control. Lots of advanced features are included in both the hardware and also software to offer state-of-the-art solutions for shock as well as vibration testing. Learn more

Explore our range of Environmental Testing Equipment here. We also deliver custom testing machinery based on your unique requirements.

Qualitest, with its trusted supplier network, is well aware of the various testing requirements that may arise in different industries. Besides efficient logistics and a high level of standards, we guarantee the best prices as well. Our products are built to last and various government agencies, educational institutions, and private businesses have benefitted from our advanced state-of-the-art testing products.

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