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Qualitest Helps Companies Prevent Corrosion in Manufactured Products

A salt spray test is an inexpensive method to measure how materials and industrial coatings can be broken down over time, improving our understanding of the impact of rust and other types of corrosion. Salt spray testers produce a standardized corrosive environment in order to evaluate the protective properties of products in many industry sectors.

Qualitest's Salt Spray Tester is used to create a salt spray fog in a controlled test environment. The anti-corrosion quality of materials protected by rust-proof paint, coating, electroplating, and anodizing can be tested in a chamber with capacities ranging up to 1440 litres.

Meeting rigorous international standards including ASTM-B117, JIS-D0201, JIS-H8502, JIS-H8610, and JIS-Z2371, Qualitest's Salt Spray Tester provides a reliable testing space for manufacturers across the world. We recently delivered one of our Salt Spray Testers to a leading producer of high-performance wire and cables in Mexico, which will help them to create products that remain durable in even the harshest environments.