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Qualitest helps to improve product safety standards at major North American automotive and tire company

Most rubber automotive parts are required to withstand critical temperature changes in their everyday use, meaning that they must be thoroughly tested to meet safety standards. The unique testing environments of the automotive and tire industries require extremely specialized equipment to determine the quality of their products. For example, these instruments must be designed as modular units to provide a custom solution for the testing of nearly every rubber part on the assembly line.

The innovative DigiChamber Temperature Test Chamber VT 7021 is the first instrument of its kind with the ability to test hardness changes under extreme temperature conditions. Qualitest recently delivered one of these devices to a major North American tire and rubber company that has won numerous prestigious awards for the quality of its products. We are confident that this device will help the company maintain and improve its thorough standards in the future.

This DigiChamber consists of a hardness tester and a temperature chamber that can carry out tests on a sample by analyzing three different positions simultaneously, allowing companies to conduct more rigorous tests and ensure greater consistency across products. The DigiChamber Temperature Test Chamber VT 7021operates according to the ASTM D2240 and DIN 53505 standard and can be equipped to test for a range of Shore hardness scales. The system is controlled by a touchscreen panel and supports multiple languages, providing an easy-to-use interface that will minimize training time for companies around the globe.