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Qualitest Introduces Hydrostatic Pressure Tester for Plastic Pipes

If plastic pipes are not made properly, hydrostatic pressure can cause them to burst. To determine the resistance of thermoplastic pipes, a hydrostatic pressure testing system subjects the pipes to constant internal water pressure at a constant temperature. Qualitest's Hydrostatic Pressure Tester provides user-friendly and accurate results to test the strength of thermoplastic pipes.

Qualitest's Hydrostatic Pressure Tester stands out from the competitive with its state-of-the-art pressure control unit. For testing either thermoplastic or reinforced thermosetting resin pipes, pressure can be applied up to a maximum of 20Mpa (200 bar). The test tank is made of stainless steel, equipped with a heat-protection layer that is 100mm thick, and opens via air cylinder, which makes these testers very easy and safe to operate.

Qaulitest recently delivered its Hydrostatic Pressure Tester to the a leading Plastic Company in Middle East. The wide range of features make the Qualitest Hydrostatic Pressure Tester will help them maintain the quality of piping that has made them an industry leader in Middle East.