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Qualitest is pleased to introduce its Charpy Specimen Machine

To determine the notch toughness of steel products, laboratory technicians conduct Charpy impact tests. These tests create V and U notches in a material sample to gauge how much energy it absorbs when fractured.

Qualitest offers a state-of-the-art Charpy Specimen Machine, which enables technicians to produce 10mm square Charpy test specimens independently, without waiting for machine shop time. Capable of machining up to four samples at once, Qualitest’s Charpy Specimen Machine works on samples up to 16mm square, using a five-blade cutter with easily replaceable inserts.

Our Charpy Specimen Machine is compatible with steel hardness up to C Rockwell 35, is available in two models (QCSP-FCS and QCSP-VCS) with optional variable speed thyristor, and can complete four specimens in 8-20 minutes. The Charpy Specimen Machinealso meets surface finish and dimensional tolerances of several international standards, including ASTM and BSI.