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Qualitest Launches New Series of LOI Limiting Oxygen Index Chambers for Enhanced Plastics Testing

Irvan Daniansyah

We are proud to introduce our latest innovation in advanced testing solutions – the new series of Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI) Chambers for enhanced plastics testing. This cutting-edge line of instruments has been carefully designed to precisely measure the combustion performance of a wide range of materials, including plastics, rubber, fibers, foamed plastics, films, textiles, and wood under specified test conditions.

As industry leaders, we understand the critical importance of fire safety testing for combustible materials like plastics. The LOI test has proven to be the most economical and precise quality control method, making it a primary characterization and quality control tool for the plastic materials and electric cable industries.

By accurately determining the minimum oxygen concentration required to sustain combustion, our new QualiLOI chambers provide valuable insights into the flame retardancy of polymers, serving as an essential tool for material evaluation and research.

Highlighting the New LOI Chamber Series from Qualitest

Our new LOI Chamber series comprises two cutting-edge models, each designed to cater to the specific needs of laboratories and testing facilities.

1. Limiting Oxygen Index Chamber QualiLOI

The QualiLOI is an economical and versatile instrument that offers precise evaluation of combustion performance across a wide range of materials. This basic Limiting Oxygen Index Chamber accurately determines the volume percentage concentration of the lowest oxygen level at which the polymer sustains combustion.

Key features of the QualiLOI include:

  • Utilization of modern oxygen sensor technology for automatic oxygen percentage concentration acquisition
  • Digital display with 0.1% reading accuracy
  • Precision gas flow valves for accurate oxygen and nitrogen flow adjustment
  • Adjustable oxygen percentage step length with 0-0.2L/Min accuracy
  • High-temperature resistant quartz glass cylinder
  • Gas igniter device with adjustable flame length and gas cutoff function
  • Compliance with ASTM D2863, ISO 4589-2, and NES 714 standards

2. Automatic Limiting Oxygen Index Chamber QualiLOI-Auto

The QualiLOI-Auto is an advanced model that offers precise measurement of minimum oxygen concentration during specimen combustion. Equipped with a highly accurate Paramagnetic Type oxygen sensor, this chamber delivers exceptional precision, durability, and reliability.

Highlights of the QualiLOI-Auto include:

  • Oxygen sensor accuracy < 0.1%
  • Touch screen interface for setting oxygen percentage concentration with automatic adjustment
  • Digital display of nitrogen flow rate and mixed gas flow rate
  • One-click setting for automatic ratio display of oxygen percentage concentration
  • Advanced programmable controller for precise control
  • Mass flow controllers for optimized air and nitrogen circuits
  • Faster response times with optimized gas pipeline design

Both models in the new series of LOI Limiting Oxygen Index Chambers are designed to provide accurate, reproducible, and convenient testing capabilities, serving as reliable tools for identifying flame retardancy in polymers and enabling research purposes.

Benefits of the New Series LOI Limiting Oxygen Index Chambers

Qualitest's new QualiLOI series of Limiting Oxygen Index Chambers offers a range of benefits that enhance the testing experience and deliver superior results. Leveraging the latest technologies and innovations, these chambers provide improved accuracy, increased efficiency, and enhanced user experience.

1. Improved Accuracy and Reliability of Test Results

  • Precise measurement of minimum oxygen concentration with high-accuracy sensors
  • Digital displays and automatic adjustments ensure consistent and reproducible results
  • Compliance with industry standards (ASTM D2863, ISO 4589-2, NES 714) for reliable data

2. Increased Efficiency and Productivity

  • Automated features (QualiLOI-Auto) streamline the testing process
  • One-click settings and automatic adjustments save time and reduce manual effort
  • Optimized gas pipeline design and mass flow controllers enable faster response times

3. Enhanced User Experience and Ease of Operation

  • User-friendly interfaces (digital displays, touch screens) for intuitive operation
  • Convenient features like adjustable flame length, gas cutoff, and sample holders
  • Automatic adjustment of quartz cylinder height (QualiLOI-Auto) for easy sample replacement

4. Compliance with Industry Standards and Regulations

  • Designed to meet ASTM D2863, ISO 4589-2, and NES 714 standards
  • Ensures reliable and accepted test data for regulatory compliance and material certification

With these benefits, the new series of Limiting Oxygen Index Chamber from Qualitest not only simplifies the testing process but also provides laboratories and testing facilities with the confidence to obtain accurate and reliable data for material evaluation, quality control, and research purposes.

Qualitest's Commitment to Innovation

The launch of the new QualiLOI series of Limiting Oxygen Index Chambers is a testament to Qualitest's unwavering dedication to innovation and delivering cutting-edge testing solutions. With a focus on continuous research and development, we collaborate closely with industry experts and customers to understand their evolving needs and challenges.

The QualiLOI series is a prime example of this commitment, leveraging modern oxygen sensor technology, advanced programmable controllers, and optimized gas pipeline designs to enhance testing capabilities.

Furthermore, we recognize the importance of adhering to industry standards and regulations. By ensuring compliance with ASTM D2863, ISO 4589-2, and NES 714 standards, Qualitest provide our customers with the confidence that their test data will be widely accepted and recognized.

With a strong focus on innovation, we remain at the forefront of advanced testing solutions, empowering our customers to achieve accurate and reliable results while maximizing efficiency and productivity.


Qualitest's new QualiLOI series of Limiting Oxygen Index Chambers represents a significant leap forward in plastics testing capabilities. By combining cutting-edge technology, user-friendly design, and compliance with industry standards, these chambers provide testing laboratories and research facilities to achieve accurate, reliable, and efficient material evaluations.

The QualiLOI and QualiLOI-Auto models offer a range of advanced features, including high-accuracy sensors, digital displays, touch screen interfaces, and automated adjustments, ensuring consistent and reproducible test results. The optimized gas pipeline designs and mass flow controllers further enhance efficiency, enabling faster response times and streamlined testing processes.

Beyond technical excellence, the QualiLOI series showcases Qualitest's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. Through continuous research and development efforts, as well as close collaboration with industry experts and customers, we remains at the forefront of testing solutions, anticipating and addressing evolving needs proactively.

Whether you are a materials testing laboratory, a research institution, or a quality control facility in the plastics, rubber, fiber, or electric cable industries, the QualiLOI series offers a comprehensive solution for evaluating the combustion performance and flame retardancy of your materials.

To learn more about the QualiLOI series and how it can enhance your testing capabilities, please visit our website or contact our dedicated team to request a demo or further information.