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Qualitest Offers Carbon and Sulphur Analyzer with Precise, State of the Art Technology

A Carbon and Sulphur Analyzer is used to analyze the percentage of carbon and sulphur present in a sample. The sample is heated in a furnace in an oxygen rich environment to form carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide which can be measured in the gas stream leaving the furnace. The measured data is compared to the mass of the original sample in order to determine a mass percentage of carbon and sulphur. Qualitest supplies a highly advanced Carbon and Sulphur Analyzer – QT-CSA-3000G with an infrared detection system for analyzing the percentage of carbon and sulphur in combustion gases.

The QT-CSA-3000G has both a resistance furnace and a high frequency induction furnace for sample pre-treatment. This enables the analyzer to measure a diverse range of sample materials while also measuring low or high concentrations of carbon and sulphur. The testing chamber has precise temperature control, which together with a state of the art pyro-electric solid state infrared detector and an anti-oxidation infrared light source, ensures accurate measurement.

Carbon content can be measured from 0.0001% to 6% while sulphur content can be measured from 0.0001% to 30% using the induction furnace and both can be measured from 0 to 100% using the resistance furnace. User friendly software displays analytical results and statistical analysis of test data.

Qualitest’s Carbon and Sulphur Analyzer – QT-CSA-3000G is the ideal equipment for measuring the carbon and sulphur content of a wide variety of different products using precise, state of the art technology.