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Spectrophotometer Quali FTIR 5000 for Identification and Quantification in Quality Assurance

Darrian N.

One of the biggest connected home and security company uses QualiFT-IR 5000 – Spectrophotometer for identification and quantification in their quality assurance department.

Qualitest offers a wide variety of laboratory FTIR spectrometers to verify the identity and specifications of raw materials and products. The QualiFT-IR 5000 Spectrophotometer is built on an upgraded integration electronic system that is designed with the highest flexibility and stability. It also comes with more powerful software, especially FDA CFR 21 program.

Powerful MainFTOS Suite software comes with specialized IR libraries, real-time instrument status diagnosis, modular platform design, FDA CFR 21 Part 11 Compliance, and auto software updating. It is also compatible with all windows versions.