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The Ideal Equipment for Measuring Oxygen Permeability in Research and Quality Control

An Oxygen Permeability Tester is used for advanced oxygen permeability testing in quality control, research and development applications. A sample of plastic, metal, paper or rubber is mounted as a sealed semi-barrier between two chambers. One chamber is purged with Nitrogen while the other is filled with oxygen at a controlled pressure. Oxygen permeates the barrier into the Nitrogen stream and is measured by a state of the art coulometric detector. Qualitest supplies a highly advanced Oxygen Permeability Tester – QT-OPT-210 primarily used to test packaging materials used for storage, preservation or transportation of perishable and oxidizable materials.

The QT-OPT-210 is fully equipped with a high level of accuracy and precision. The results produced are of sufficient standard to be used for research and quality control applications. Built in software performs complicated data analysis and output displays are configured in data tables and graphs. These outputs are ideally displayed to enable easy determination of the permeability rate and relationships between different output parameters.

Qualitest’s QT-OPT-210 is used in two main applications. The first is the testing of plastic films, plastic composite films and paper-plastic composite films as well as aluminized films, aluminum foil and aluminum composite films used for packaging in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The second application is the testing of packages made of plastics, rubber, paper, paper-plastic, glass and metal as well as engineering plastics and building materials.

Qualitest’s Oxygen Permeability Tester – QT-OPT-210 is the ideal equipment for measuring oxygen permeability for research and quality control purposes using precise, state of the art technology.