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University in Florida Upgrades its Lab with Qualitest's 1000 kN Hydraulic UTM

Asim K.

Qualitest’s High Strength Frame Dual Space Servo Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine series is used to verify various mechanical properties of:

  • Metal: Pipe, tube, wire, rod, strip, plate and strip
  • Fasteners: Tensile, proof, single and double shear
  • Construction materials: Rebar, wire strand, mesh, folding, compression of concrete and components

Control Software is used to control the Universal testing machine. The Tester and the software are designed to accommodate a wide variety of testing needs. The software has a variety of pre-set programmed test cycles for compression, tensile and cyclical testing to meet a variety of testing standards.

An university in Florida recently purchased a Qualitest 1000 kN Double Space Servo Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine to upgrades its lab.