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Using Qualitest's Gas Permeability Tester to Measure Gas Transmission of Technical Paper

Darrian N.

International Paper manufacturing site uses Qualitest Gas permeability tester to measure gas transmission through their technical paper.

QT-GPT-500 Gas Permeability Tester is designed to test the gas transmission rate (GTR) of packaging material by differential pressure method. It can be used to test O2, CO2, and N2, etc. gas transmission rate.

QT-GPT-500 is widely applicable in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics flexible packaging materials industry for gas permeability testing of plastic film, composite films, barrier materials, sheets, metal aluminum foils, thin sheets, rubber, porcelain, infusion bags, solar pane, PVC sheets or medical patch. It can also be used to measure the permeability of gas through a finished container with optional adaptors for bottles, bags, pouches, bowl, box, can, etc. based on their size and shapes.

ASTM D1434 Standard Test Method for Determining Gas Permeability Characteristics of Plastic Film and Sheeting covers the estimation of the steady-state rate of transmission of gas through plastics in the form of film, sheeting, laminates, and plastic-coated papers or fabrics. This test method provides for the determination of (1) gas transmission rate (GTR), (2) permeance, and, in the case of homogeneous materials, (3) permeability.