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Qualitest Introduces Its Spout Insert and Sealing Machine

A Spout Insert and Sealing Machine is used for the mass production of packages with spouts and heat sealed packages. Plastic spouts are inserted into pouches and sealed for use in detergent refill, juice packaging and other applications. Heat sealing is accomplished by welding a thermoplastic product to another using heat and pressure. Qualitest supplies a highly advanced Spout Insert and Sealing Machine – QT-Pack-SX to insert a variety of spouts and seal bags of different diameters and lengths e.g. standing-up bags and 3-side sealing bags, doypacks, irregular bags and cubic bags.

The QT-Pack-SX is fully automatic, has precision control and can work in a 24-hour continuous operation. The machine is made up of 4 systems: the spout system consists of chutes, vibrating disks and guide rails together with photo-electric sensors for control, the bag system uses a pneumatic sucker and sealing system with a dual holding table, the heat sealing system uses a big turntable, 6 sets of heat sealing blades (1 preheat, 4 heat and 1 cooling) and the bag collecting system has a table for finished product collection and a separate table for waste product recycling.

A central control system consisting of a PLC and touch screen is used to set parameters and display the work status including success and failure rates. There are 4 emergency stop buttons to enable instant shutdown in an emergency.

Qualitest’s Spout Insert and Sealing Machine – QT-Pack-SX is the ideal equipment for inserting diverse spouts and heat sealing different types of bags using precise, state of the art technology.