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Qualitest provides medical companies with cost-effective testing solutions

To guarantee that rubbers and plastics can withstand any industrial application, they must be thoroughly tested to ensure that they are made to the highest standards possible. Qualitest’s Digi-Test II Automatic Motorized Durometer is a cost-effective hardness tester that provides the most accurate results on the market.

Qualitest’s Digi-Test II Automatic Motorized Durometer is so versatile that we have recently supplied these machines to several companies, including a global medical-technology company that produces dialysis and cardiopulmonary care products.

Equipped with an extensive range of accessories and automatic testing procedure, Qualitest’s Digi-Test II has a modular design makes it suitable to virtually every industry. This allows manufacturers and researchers to carry out tests according to the most stringent industry standards as they develop new and innovative materials and applications.