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Qualitest showcases its Hydraulic Universal Testing Machines at the Arab Lab Expo

Qualitest’s Universal Testing Machines are designed to meet the highest standards of excellence in the quality control industry. Our QT-HW2 series of Universal Testing Machines are the most popular Hydraulic Frames on the market for testing metal samples, concrete, rebar, tube & pipe, stranded wire, steel bar & plate, fasteners, wood, and high-strength composites.

Recently, at the Arab Lab Expo in Dubai, we highlighted the features and new design of our HW2 Hydraulic Universal Testing Machines. With a double test space that can conduct high-quality tensile and compression tests, the QT-HW2 series was acclaimed by industry representatives in sectors such as manufacturing, metallurgy, and construction. The QT-HW2 series was found to be the most suitable product for companies in the Middle East due to its compact, modern design and cost-effective value — our Universal Testing Machines have been priced to meet the specifications of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region.

With user-friendly software that facilitates high-accuracy and efficient testing, analyzing a wide range of materials for industrial applications has never been simpler, safer, and less costly. Qualitest’s Universal Testing Machines are used worldwide by universities, research institutes, and manufacturers, exceeding stringent international requirements including ASTM, BS, EN, ISO, and more.