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Qualitest offers state-of-the-art solutions for analyzing plastics and polymers

When selecting plastic materials for high-quality products, such as automobiles and airplanes, manufacturers must account for their sensitivity to high temperatures. To ensure that plastic products can withstand the rigors of their real-world application, manufacturers can measure the softening point of the material (VICAT softening temperature or VST) and the temperature at which a sample deforms (heat deflection temperature, or HDT).

To support these tests, Qualitest provides researchers and manufacturers with the HV-3000-D, our latest compact model of HDT/VICAT tester for evaluating the thermal property of plastic materials. Reaching temperatures of up to 300°C, the lightweight HV-3000-D is an ideal choice for any testing environment, displaying the temperature from each test station in real time to allow users to monitor tests more conveniently and safely.

Meeting several stringent international standards — including ASTM-D648, ASTM-D1525, ISO-75, ISO-306, DIN 53461, DIN 53460 — Qualitest’s HV-3000-D is the most effective solution on the market for analyzing the durability of plastic when subjected to high temperatures.