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Qualitest introduces its Thermal Recycling Testers for Plastic Pipes

In both industrial and residential settings, plastic water pipes often fluctuate between temperatures due to seasonal change and other environmental concerns, which can cause them to burst. To protect valuable infrastructure against such accidents, these products must be carefully crafted through stringent testing in order to guarantee durability in many different scenarios.

Qualitest offers its Thermal Recycling Testers for Plastic Pipes to manufacturers that need to evaluate the function of hot and cold water pipes for quality control. With an improved energy-saving design, its assembly of pipes and fittings is subjected to temperature cycling different pressure levels, using hot and cold water alternately for a specified number of cycles. This fully digital pressure controlling system effectively prevents the water pressure from fluctuating during ad-hoc increases in both temperature and time.

These Thermal Recycling Testers are sturdy enough to withstand the high levels of tensile stress and flexural strain that occur while a sample is being subjected to temperature cycling. This equipment meets stringent international standards such as ASTM F1335, ISO 15874, ISO15875, ISO 15876, and ISO 15877.