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Optical Comparator for Sale: Qualitest's Extensive Range

If you're searching for the ideal optical comparator for sale to meet your industrial needs, look no further than Qualitest. We offer an extensive range of optical comparators designed to cater to the diverse requirements of various industries, including mechanical manufacturing, instrumentation, molds, tools, light industry, measurement rooms, workshops related to factories and mines, and even the electronic clock and watch industry.

Our product lineup includes the powerful Horizontal Video Projector, ensuring accurate and efficient inspections with its advanced video projection capabilities. Additionally, we offer the Digital Vertical Optical Comparator - Profile Projector and the Digital Horizontal Optical Comparator - Profile Projector, both delivering precise measurements and detailed profiles for quality control and reverse engineering applications.

To complement our range of optical comparators, we also provide a comprehensive selection of Optical Comparator Accessories, allowing you to customize and enhance your setup for optimal performance and functionality. Let’s explore our product and discover the perfect optical comparator to meet your specific requirements. If you need a comprehensive guide the choose the best Optical comparison, please read our other post here.

1. Horizontal Video Projector

The QPH-3015 Horizontal Video Projector is a powerful and versatile optical comparator designed to meet your precision measurement needs. Featuring a linear guide rail and precision screw drive for smooth operation, a precision toothless rod for minimal error, and an HD zoom lens with a digital camera for clear imaging, the QPH-3015 ensures accurate and distortion-free measurements.

Designed to meet the demands of modern manufacturing, this sophisticated instrument offers a range of features and capabilities to enhance your quality control processes. Here's why it's an ideal choice:

  1. Precision and Accuracy: The QPH-3015 comes up with an exceptional precision and accuracy, with a measurement accuracy of ≤3+L/200 (um). This level of precision ensures reliable quality control in your manufacturing operations.
  2. Smooth Operation: Featuring a linear guide rail and precision screw drive, the QPH-3015 offers smooth and stable lift operation. This ensures consistent performance, allowing you to rely on accurate measurements every time.
  3. Clear Imaging: Equipped with an HD zoom lens and HD color digital camera, this projector provides clear and distortion-free images. This feature is essential for accurate inspection of part features and surface characteristics.
  4. Versatility: With programmable surface LED illumination and contour LED parallel illumination, the QPH-3015 offers versatility in inspecting various part types. It adapts to different surface characteristics, ensuring comprehensive quality control.
  5. Advanced Software: The iMeasuring software system enhances control quality and facilitates measurement data analysis. Optional upgrades such as contact probes and 3D measuring software further enhance the machine's capabilities and flexibility.
  6. Environmental Compatibility: Operating in a stable working environment is crucial for accurate measurements. The QPH-3015 is designed with temperature and humidity controls to minimize environmental influences on measurement accuracy.

The QPH-3015 Horizontal Video Projector offers a comprehensive solution for precision measurement needs across various industries. Whether you're in manufacturing, instrumentation, molds, tools, light industry, or others, this projector ensures reliable quality control and process optimization. Learn more.

2. Digital Vertical Profile Projector - Optical Comparator

Qualitest's Digital Vertical Profile Projector lineup includes two models: the QVP300 and the QVP400. These powerful measurement tools are utilized for precise measurements or comparisons across various industries, including mechanical manufacturing, instrumentation, molds, tools, light industry, and measurement facilities within factories and mines.

Both the QVP300 and QVP400 are capable of detecting the contours and surface shapes of diverse complex workpieces, such as patterns, stamped parts, cams, threads, gears, forming files, thread taps, and various cutting tools, implements, and components.

Here is a comparison table for the QVP400 and QVP300 digital vertical profile projectors:


QVP400 Series

QVP300 Series

Metal Stage Size (mm)



Glass Stage Size (mm)


148x206 (QVP300-1510), 148x256 (QVP300-1210)

Stage Travel (mm)

200x100 (QVP400-2010), 250x150 (QVP400-2515)


Product Dimensions (mm)



Packing Dimensions (mm)



Gross/Net Weight (Kg)


210/165 (QVP300-1510), 240/180 (QVP300-1210)

Focusing (mm)



Objective Lens Magnification

5X (Std.), 10X (Opt.), 20X (Opt.), 50X (Opt.)

10X (Std.), 20X (Opt.), 50X (Opt.)

Field of View

φ80mm (5X), φ40mm (10X), φ20mm (20X), φ8mm (50X)

φ30mm (10X), φ15mm (20X), φ6mm (50X)

Based on the comparison table, this is our recommendation:

  1. Size and Travel: If you require a larger stage size and more extensive stage travel, the QVP400 series may be more suitable, especially if you need to work with larger parts.
  2. Weight and Dimensions: Consider the weight and dimensions of the product, particularly if you have space constraints in your workspace. The QVP400 series tends to be heavier and slightly larger than the QVP300 series.
  3. Magnification and Field of View: Assess your measurement needs in terms of magnification and field of view. The QVP400 series offers a wider range of magnifications and larger field of views compared to the QVP300 series, which might be beneficial for inspecting different types of parts.
  4. Focusing Distance: The QVP400 series has a longer focusing distance compared to the QVP300 series. If you need more flexibility in focusing, this might influence your decision.
  5. Price Consideration: Consider your budget constraints. While the QVP400 series offers more features and capabilities, it may come with a higher price tag compared to the QVP300 series.

Ultimately, the right choice depends on your specific requirements, including the size of parts you need to measure, the level of precision needed, and your budget.

If you prioritize versatility and have a larger budget, the Digital Vertical Optical Comparator QVP400 series might be the better option. However, if you're looking for a more compact and cost-effective solution for smaller parts, the Digital Vertical Optical Comparator QVP300 series could be more suitable.

It's essential to carefully evaluate your needs and consider how each product aligns with your measurement and inspection requirements. If you're still uncertain, consulting with our QualiSales team or an expert in metrology equipment can provide additional guidance tailored to your specific situation.

3. Digital Horizontal Profile Projector - Optical Comparator

Qualitest's Digital Horizontal Profile Projector is another top-of-the-line measurement tool designed for precise measurement or comparison tasks. The range includes the QPH350-2010 and the QPH400-3015 models.

Some of the key features of the Digital Horizontal Profile Projector include a lifting system with a cross roller rail and precision screw drive for smooth and stable lifting, a reflector coating process for clearer images and excellent dustproofing, adjustable contour and surface illumination, imported LED illumination for high brightness and extended lifespan, and a high-resolution optical system delivering clear images with a magnification error of less than 0.08%.

Here is a comparison of specifications between the QPH400-3015 and QPH350-2010 digital horizontal profile projectors:




Working Stage Size (mm)



Working Stage Travel (mm)



Focusing (mm)



Accuracy (um)



Load Capacity (Kg)


Screen Diameter



Digital Readout

QDP400 (510-340) Multifunction colorful LCD digital readout


Contour Illumination: 3.2V/10W LED <br> Surface Illumination: 220V/130W halogen lamp

Power Supply

AC110V/60Hz; 220V/50Hz,150W

Objective Lens Magnification

10X (Std.), 5X (Opt.), 20X (Opt.), 50X (Opt.)

10X (Std.), 20X (Opt.), 50X (Opt.)

Field of View

φ40mm (10X), φ80mm (5X), φ20mm (20X), φ8mm (50X)

φ35mm (10X), φ17.5mm (20X), φ7mm (50X)

Working Distance

65mm (5X), 80mm (10X), 67.7mm (20X), 51.4mm (50X)

75mm (10X), 69mm (20X), 44mm (50X)

Based on these specifications, these are our recommendations:

  1. Working Stage Size and Travel: QPH400-3015 offers a larger working stage size and travel compared to QPH350-2010, which might be beneficial for measuring larger parts or providing more space for maneuvering during inspection.
  2. Focusing: QPH400-3015 has a longer focusing distance of 120mm compared to 90mm in QPH350-2010. This might be advantageous for accommodating taller parts or providing more flexibility in focusing.
  3. Accuracy: QPH400-3015 offers slightly higher accuracy (≤3+L/200) compared to QPH350-2010 (≤4+L/200).
  4. Screen Diameter: QPH400-3015 features a larger screen diameter (φ412mm) compared to QPH350-2010 (φ380mm), potentially providing a larger field of view for inspection.
  5. Objective Lens Magnification and Field of View: QPH400-3015 offers a wider range of magnifications and a larger field of view compared to QPH350-2010, which might offer more versatility in inspecting different types of parts.
  6. Weight and Dimensions: QPH400-3015 is heavier and larger in dimensions compared to QPH350-2010, which might be a consideration for workspace constraints.

Considering these differences, the choice between the two models depends on your specific measurement needs, including the size of parts to be measured, the required accuracy, and the available workspace.

If you need a larger stage size, longer focusing distance, and higher accuracy, QPH400-3015 might be the preferable option. However, if space constraints are a concern, and the smaller stage size and shorter focusing distance are sufficient for your needs, QPH350-2010 could be a suitable choice.

4. Optical Comparator Accessories by Qualitest

To further enhance the capabilities of optical comparators, Qualitest offers a range of accessories to support your specific needs. These are some accessories that you can choose from.

  1. Color Screen Multifunction Digital Readout: Provides advanced digital measurement and display functionalities, offering precise and easy-to-read readouts.
  2. Edge Finder: Helps locate the precise edge of a part or feature, enabling accurate positioning and measurement.
  3. Optical Comparator Overlay: Transparent templates or sheets that contain geometric shapes, angles, or patterns, providing a visual reference for comparing parts and aiding in the measurement and inspection process of optical comparators.
  4. Transmitted Lens: Allows for the projection of transmitted light through the part, revealing internal structures and details.
  5. Edge Detector: Automatically detects and identifies part edges, streamlining the measurement process and improving efficiency.
  6. Foot Switch: Offers hands-free control of the optical comparator, allowing the user to focus on the measurement task.
  7. Objective: Interchangeable objectives with different magnification levels, providing flexibility in selecting the optimal viewing and measurement capabilities.
  8. Screen Fixture: Securely holds the projection screen in place, ensuring a stable and consistent display of the magnified image.

These accessories can be selectively integrated with the optical comparator to tailor the instrument to your specific measurement needs. By carefully selecting the appropriate accessories, you can streamline your measurement processes, improve efficiency, and unlock the full potential of your optical comparator.


Qualitest's extensive range of optical comparators provides you with options tailored to your specific measurement needs. Whether you require a horizontal video projector for precision measurements, a digital vertical profile projector for versatile applications, a digital horizontal profile projector for accurate detection of complex workpiece shapes, or additional accessories, Qualitest has you covered. 

Our commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology, combined with exceptional customer support, makes Qualitest the ideal supplier for your optical comparator requirements. To explore our comprehensive range of Optical Comparators, please visit here. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.