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Water Quality Testing & Moisture Analyzers

In today's world, maintaining optimal water quality and accurate moisture content is crucial across various industries. Qualitest offers a comprehensive range of Water Quality Testing Instruments and Moisture Analyzers designed to meet diverse needs. From Online Water Quality Analyzers to Karl Fischer Titrator Moisture Analyzers, our products ensure precise, reliable, and efficient testing and monitoring. Explore the principles behind these advanced instruments and discover how they can enhance your operations.

Water Quality Testing & Moisture Analyzers

Principles of Water Quality Testing Instruments

Online Water Quality Analyzers

Online Water Quality Analyzers continuously monitor water parameters such as pH, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, and conductivity. These instruments use sensors placed directly in the water supply or distribution system, providing real-time data for immediate decision-making. This continuous monitoring ensures compliance with environmental standards and helps prevent contamination.

Lab Water Quality Analyzers

Lab Water Quality Analyzers provide detailed analysis of water samples in a controlled laboratory setting. Using advanced techniques like spectrophotometry, chromatography, and electrochemical analysis, these instruments deliver highly accurate measurements of various water quality parameters, aiding in research, quality control, and regulatory compliance.

Principles of Moisture Analyzers

Halogen Moisture Analyzers

Halogen Moisture Analyzers determine the moisture content of a sample by heating it with a halogen lamp. The sample's weight is continuously measured as it dries, and the moisture content is calculated based on the weight loss. This method is fast, accurate, and suitable for a wide range of materials.

Online Near-infrared Moisture Testing and Monitoring System

This system uses near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy to measure moisture content in materials as they move through a production line. NIR light penetrates the sample, and the reflected light is analyzed to determine moisture levels. This non-destructive technique provides real-time data, enabling immediate adjustments to maintain product quality.

Portable Moisture Analyzer

Portable Moisture Analyzers are designed for on-the-go moisture testing. These handheld devices use various methods, including capacitance, resistance, and microwave, to measure moisture content in solids, liquids, and gases. Their portability and ease of use make them ideal for field applications and quick inspections.

Online Flash Alarm Dew Point Meter

The Online Flash Alarm Dew Point Meter continuously monitors the dew point in compressed air systems. Using advanced sensors, it provides real-time data and alerts for any deviations from set parameters, helping to prevent moisture-related issues in pneumatic systems.

Portable Dew Point Meter

Portable Dew Point Meters measure the dew point temperature of gases, indicating the level of moisture present. These compact devices are essential for checking the dryness of air and other gases in various industrial applications, ensuring the integrity and efficiency of equipment and processes.

Karl Fischer Titrator Moisture Analyzers

Karl Fischer Titrator Moisture Analyzers use the Karl Fischer titration method to accurately determine the moisture content in samples. This technique involves a chemical reaction between water and iodine, quantifying moisture levels with high precision. It is particularly effective for low moisture content analysis in various substances, including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and food products.

Qualitest’s Comprehensive Range of Instruments

  • Online Water Quality Analyzers: Ensure continuous monitoring and compliance with water quality standards.
  • Lab Water Quality Analyzers: Provide precise, laboratory-based analysis for research and quality control.
  • Halogen Moisture Analyzers: Offer fast and accurate moisture measurement using halogen heating.
  • Online Near-infrared Moisture Testing and Monitoring System: Deliver real-time moisture data for production lines.
  • Portable Moisture Analyzer: Enable on-the-go moisture testing for field applications.
  • Online Flash Alarm Dew Point Meter: Monitor and alert on dew point levels in compressed air systems.
  • Portable Dew Point Meter: Measure dew point temperatures for various gases, ensuring system efficiency.
  • Karl Fischer Titrator Moisture Analyzers: Achieve highly precise moisture content analysis using Karl Fischer titration.


Qualitest’s Water Quality Testing Instruments and Moisture Analyzers are essential tools for maintaining optimal conditions in various industries. Whether you need continuous online monitoring or precise laboratory analysis, our range of products ensures accuracy, reliability, and efficiency. Explore our advanced solutions today and enhance your water quality and moisture analysis processes to meet the highest standards of quality and compliance.

QualiTest is your premier destination for cutting-edge Water Testing & Moisture Analyzers. From advanced instrumentation to comprehensive analysis, we pride ourselves on meeting your water testing needs with precision and reliability globally.

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