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Environmental Test Chambers: Uses Functions and More

Environmental Test Chambers are used widely in manufacturing and research around the world to perform tests under controlled conditions. The chambers help expose the test material to various conditions such as sun, extreme temperatures, moisture, dust and more, providing manufacturers valuable feedback on the quality and efficacy of the product. These tests help manufacturers:

  1. Analyze material/product strengths and understand its limitations.
  2. Determine the potential lifespan of the material/product.
  3. Assess how products react to specific test conditions, i.e. temperature, moisture, etc.

Environmental Test Chambers are quite an investment, both in terms of money and time. So, it’s important to understand individual requirements before purchasing one. Typically, the following considerations must be made:

Size Consideration: Environmental Test Chambers come in all shapes and sizes depending on test requirements. For example, a small material/product may require a test chamber a few meters long, but a larger product will require a customized test chamber that meets the requirements. Therefore, it’s important to determine what chamber size best fits individual needs.

Functionality Consideration: Based on test requirements, the chamber functions must be ascertained well in advance. The refrigeration system for instance, works on a mechanism-based system as well as a liquid cooling-based system - both these methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. Requirements always vary from product to product.

Testing Standards: Various international standards come into play when figuring out the right chamber for individual testing needs. All industries and products have different standards they must adhere to. Depending on test requirements, the chambers must adhere to standards set by organizations such as International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard), among others.

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Test Type: Broadly speaking, all tests performed are segmented in two categories: Climatic tests and Dynamic tests. While climatic tests include air pressure, humidity, temperature and light, dynamic tests are focused on vibration, rotation and shock. It is therefore important to determine what the test type for the product or material is.

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Environmental chambers uses

 Environmental Chambers Usage

Environmental Test Chambers are used widely in different industries for various purposes. Let’s take a look at how it influences a few of these areas:

Manufacturing:  Any product sold in the market must meet certain durability, reliability and overall quality criteria. Much of it is often enforced by governments around the world. Environmental Test Chambers make it possible for manufacturers to test the product's ability to endure environmental extremes as well as performance during or after being subjected to one or multiple environments. This also includes the product's expected operational environment.

Reliability Testing: Once a product is sold in the market, it is expected to serve for at least the time it claims to serve. Environmental Test Chambers have a huge role in ascertaining the life expectancy of products, setting realistic customer expectations and assisting in developing fair manufacturer warranties. Environmental Test Chambers, therefore, assist businesses increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs, ultimately driving profits.

Quality Assurance: All products and its components, used in different industries have specific environmental quality requirements. These requirements are often regulatory in nature, but can also be design specific. Environmental Test Chambers assist in determining the quality of the product or component being used in such regulated processes or industries.

Research and Development: An integral part of all engineering and technological advancement activities is quality research. All industries rely on quality research to improve or develop new products. Environmental Test Chambers assist researchers in testing materials in different phases of the study. Examples of such research includes developing prototypes, construction material, new products and more.

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