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Explore Qualitest’s Atomic Absorption Spectrometers

Qualitest has led the industry in providing advanced spectrometers for years. One of our most sought after products is our cutting edge Atomic Absorption Spectrometers. Our fully automatic Atomic Absorption Spectrometers are used in many industries, ranging from cannabis to manufacturing and medical devices.

Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS) is used to analyze metal samples by determining the presence and concentration of metals in a liquid sample. Metals include Fe, Cu, Al, Pb, Ca, Zn, Cd and many more. It also measures the concentrations of metals in the samples. Typical concentrations range in the low mg/L range.

In their elemental form, metals will absorb ultraviolet light when they are excited by heat. Each metal has a characteristic wavelength that will be absorbed. The AAS instrument looks for a particular metal by focusing a beam of UV light at a specific wavelength through a flame and into a detector. The sample of interest is aspirated into the flame. If that metal is present in the sample, it will absorb some of the light, thus reducing its intensity. These instruments measure the change in intensity. A computer data system converts the change in intensity into an absorbance.

Our products are highly customizable and our team of experts can help you navigate the standards requirements alongside helping you choose the right machine for your unique requirement. For more information, write to us at [email protected].

Qualitest is well aware of the various testing requirements that may arise in different industries. We guarantee efficient logistics and a high level of standards. Our products are built to last and various government agencies, educational institutions, and private businesses have benefitted from our advanced state-of-the-art testing products.

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