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Hull Institute of Technology (HIT) Advancing Impact Resistance Research with Qualitest's Quali-Impact Charpy Impact Tester for Metals

Hull Institute of Technology (HIT) is dedicated to enhancing the safety, durability, and performance of metallic materials in various industries. Impact resistance is a crucial aspect of assessing a material's ability to withstand sudden loads, and HIT required a sophisticated testing instrument for accurate measurement and analysis of impact characteristics under specified stress conditions.

Qualitest's Quali-Impact Charpy Impact Tester for Metals proved to be the ideal solution, offering a wide array of features and capabilities tailored to HIT's research needs. This advanced instrument will provide HIT researchers to conduct groundbreaking impact resistance research on metallic materials, contributing to the development of safer and more resilient materials across various industries.

Understanding Hull Institute of Technology's Need

HIT's researchers were determined to develop safer and more resilient metallic materials for use in mission-critical applications. To achieve this, they required a reliable and accurate method to measure the impact resistance of diverse metallic samples.

The existing testing approaches, however, were either time-consuming or lacked the precision needed for their advanced research initiatives.

The Solution: Quali-Impact Charpy Impact Tester for Metals

Qualitest's Quali-Impact Charpy Impact Tester for Metals emerged as the perfect solution to HIT's requirements. Designed  to meet ASTM E23 and ISO 14556 standards, it evaluates the impact characteristics of metals under specified stress conditions

This state-of-the-art testing machine is specifically designed for conducting impact tests on metallic materials, providing crucial insights into their impact behavior. Armed with extensive features and capabilities, the Quali-Impact offered HIT a comprehensive and reliable testing platform.

Key Features of the Quali-Impact:

  • Stability and Precision: The solid and heavy frame base ensures stability during impact tests, guaranteeing accurate and repeatable results.
  • Versatility: Interchangeable strikers allow compliance with various impact testing standards, enabling HIT to perform tests according to their specific research needs.
  • Automation and Efficiency: The motorized system efficiently lifts the hammer and automatically resets the instrument after each test, reducing manual intervention and increasing productivity.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The digital console features a back-lit LCD and a membrane keyboard, providing a user-friendly interface for displaying and accessing test results conveniently.
  • Data Management: Results obtained from the impact tests can be easily managed and analyzed using dedicated software, empowering HIT with comprehensive data-driven insights.

The Outcome: Advancing Impact Resistance Research

With the Quali-Impact Charpy Impact Tester for Metals, HIT has made significant strides in their impact resistance research.

The instrument's precise and reliable testing capabilities have enabled HIT to analyze and evaluate the impact characteristics of metallic materials under specified stress conditions accurately.

The comprehensive data obtained has guided HIT's research endeavors, contributing to the development of safer and more resilient metallic materials across various industries.


Recently, Qualitest delivered a Quali-Impact Charpy Impact Tester for Metals to the Hull Institute of Technology (HIT). This machine will aid researchers in providing inspection, testing, and certification services for a multitude of industries. With a long, durable service life and low failure rates, the Quali-Impact will allow HIT to conduct research and measure metallic materials’ impact resistance performance.

The collaboration between Hull Institute of Technology and Qualitest exemplifies the power of advanced testing solutions in driving materials research and innovation. By leveraging the Quali-Impact Charpy Impact Tester for Metals, HIT has successfully conducted impact tests on metallic materials, gaining valuable insights into their performance and making significant contributions to their field.

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