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Life Technologies Corporation uses Packaging Testing Instruments from Qualitest

As a global biotech company, Life Technologies Corporation uses Packaging Testing Instruments from Qualitest to test the quality of various kinds of packaging products.

  • Environmental Chambers are capable of simulating a wide range of temperature, humidity, and other environmental conditions on packaging products. 
  • Incline impact tester is simulated the impact strength of packaging in the real circumstance of transport. 
  • The Package Drop Tester - PDT Series simulates the drop/fall of the packaged finished products to evaluate their damages.
  • Box Compression Tester is used to determine compression strength and estimate stacking tests of heavy transport packages and boxes to estimate the loading ability and deformation under different loading conditions to ensure the safety of the product inside the box while transportation.

Qualitest is recognized as a one-stop source for complete quality control lab solutions, we help the customer who often need to test their package integrity and quality to meet Amazon, UPS and FedEx packaging requirements.