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Qualitest aims to help our customers in the Cannabis Industry with state-of-the-art and competitively priced cannabis testing products.

The Cannabis Industry has reached a tipping point - with many important developments and breakthroughs now in focus. The exploding cannabis industry has created the need for high-quality testing products for laboratory operations of all scales. We are providing very competitive products at the best possible prices which are designed to meet the challenges of this emerging and promising field.

Whether you’re setting up a new laboratory or scaling operations, Qualitest is your one-stop solution for testing instruments and support. 

These technologies have been used over the years to ensure the best products are sent to the customers. Part of the regulations is third party testing, which is mandatory in many places. However, the turn around time is varied.

Testing of any product before it hits the market is a key factor in ensuring quality and customer satisfaction. There are laws ensuring that only the highest quality of products are sold. As these laws vary across the nation, testing will ensure that you can meet all of the customer’s demands.

Qualitest products are intended to be used only in compliance with all applicable laws in a manner that promotes public safety and/or in connection with any lawful and approved scientific or medical research activities.

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