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Qualitest Helps a Leading Mexican Supplier of Wires Ensure the Quality and Safety of its Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Products

Rubber is an essential component of wires and cables used in electrical systems, and this rubber must be of the highest quality to withstand the heat involved in conducting electrical current.

Mooney Viscometers are used by the rubber industry to measure the change in the elastomer properties of rubber and plastic over time, making these devices necessary for maintaining the high quality of rubber used to insulate wires against electricity. In order to analyze the material from an uncured to a scorched state, Mooney Viscometers physically deform the specimen to determine its viscosity at a range of temperatures.

Qualitest recently received an order from a large Mexican supplier of wire for a Mooney Viscometer - QT-MVR 3000 with a proportional-integral-derivative (PID) temperature controller that ensures smooth and accurate data collection throughout testing. This model has been upgraded from older, more traditional Mooney Viscometers, incorporating new microprocessors, an LCD touchscreen, and an automatic balance and calibration device. The new tester has an extremely accurate specimen temperature control system and precise torque measurement that can detect very slight changes in rubber samples. The high sensitivity of this device allows for the better reproduction of results.

This instrument has been designed with quiet servo-driven motors that require no maintenance and is also equipped with modular electrical boards, quick detachable upper and lower dies, efficient calibration software, and a transparent arc shield to improve safety.