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Qualitest introduces its DeMattia Flex Tester

Flex testers are essential for helping companies assess the durability of both hard and soft rubber components, such as vulcanized rubber and ethylene vinyl acetate. Qualitest is pleased to offer its top-of-the-line DeMattia Flex Testers that extend and bend samples in an environmental chamber to determine whether materials are strong enough to resist cracking. This DeMattia Flex Tester is commonly used in the rubber industry to ensure that synthetically manufactured rubber meets a wide range of international safety standards.

Qualitest’s DeMattia Flex Tester has a solid aluminum and stainless steel structure that can hold up to 16 samples, allowing operators to conduct multiple flexure tests at temperatures ranging from -30°C to 200°C. Our Flex Tester is extremely durable and adaptable, with an adjustable flexure stroke (0-60 mm) and clamps that can be altered for multiple distances (up to 100 mm). This Flex Tester is also uniquely designed with two sample holders moving in opposite directions, which considerably reduces vibration and noise to guarantee consistent and repeatable results.