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Qualitest's Total Migration Tester Help Enhancing Quality Control for Emirates Printing Press (EPP)

Dubai  - Emirates Printing Press (EPP) faced a critical challenge in their quality control process and turned to Qualitest for a solution. EPP, a leading provider of tailored packaging solutions, needed a reliable and efficient method to test the migration of non-volatile materials in their plastic packaging.

The Total Migration Tester by Qualitest proved the ideal solution for EPP's testing requirements. Tailored to the specific needs of flexible packaging and film testing, this advanced equipment offered a range of features designed to efficiently deliver accurate and reliable results.

The Total Migration Tester Was Successfully Installed

On February 13th, 2024, the Total Migration Tester was successfully installed at Emirates Printing Press (EPP) by Qualitest FZE our regional office responsible for GCC region and Africa. This marked a significant milestone in the partnership between Qualitest and EPP. Following the installation, a comprehensive training session was conducted by a representative from Qualitest to familiarize the EPP team with the operation and functionality of the equipment.

The training session focused on empowering the EPP team to utilize the Total Migration Tester to its full potential. Our representative provided in-depth instructions on the equipment's features, operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting techniques. The training ensured the EPP team gained the necessary knowledge and skills to operate the equipment effectively and efficiently.

Qualitest Commitment: Support Our Customers with Training and Installation of The Instrument

The successful installation and comprehensive training session underscored Qualitest's commitment to providing end-to-end support to our clients. By offering not just cutting-edge testing equipment but also comprehensive training and technical assistance, Qualitest ensured that EPP could seamlessly integrate the Total Migration Tester into its quality control processes.

The collaboration between Qualitest and EPP promised improvements in testing efficiency, accuracy, and compliance, ultimately delivering superior packaging and printing solutions to their customers.

Our Total Migration Tester provided numerous benefits to EPP. It improved efficiency by reducing testing time and enabling simultaneous testing, enhancing precision and accuracy through advanced features and precise temperature control, and streamlining operations by eliminating manual interventions.

Moreover, the equipment helped EPP meet regulatory standards by accurately testing non-volatile material migration in their plastic packaging, ensuring compliance and enhancing customer confidence.

If you are looking to optimize your quality control processes and achieve regulatory compliance, contact us now. Our team will provide a comprehensive consultation to help you find the perfect testing solution for your company. Upgrade your testing methods today and reach new levels of success with Qualitest.