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World-renowned Power Systems Supplier uses Qualitest's Portable Surface Roughness Tester

M. Starks

QualiSurf I portable surface roughness tester is a pocket-sized economically priced instrument for measuring surface texture conforming to traceable standards. It can be used on the shop floor in any position, horizontal, vertical or anywhere in between.

The large OLED display shows four (4) roughness parameters Ra, Rz, Rq and Rt at the touch of a button, combined with the selectable cut-off length. External calibration of roughness values is possible by means of a special CAL button, which makes adjustment of this instrument very easy. A beep signal informs the user of each individual measurement status when ready. The unit can operate in temperatures ranging from 32-104 oF.

Our customer who produces different types of power systems will be testing the roughness of materials with multiple units of QualiSurf I. This surface roughness tester is very versatile and the portable aspect of it will help the user significantly during the testing process.