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Qualitest Helps Industry Leader Increase the Safety and Reliability of Synthetic Rubber

Flex testers are an essential tool for ensuring that rubber components are strong enough to resist cracking in everything from cars and ships to buildings and bridges. These instruments are commonly used to test vulcanized rubber, soft rubbers, leathers, artificial leathers, and ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) by extending or bending samples in an environmental chamber. The rubber industry uses these instruments to ensure that synthetically manufactured rubber meets international safety standards, which is particularly important for healthcare devices such as infusion pumps, pre-filled syringes, and insulin injectors.

Qualitest supplies a DeMattia Flex Tester with a solid aluminum and stainless steel structure that can hold up to 16 samples at a time. Its specially designed system consists of two sample holders moving in opposite directions, which considerably reduces vibration and noise to ensure consistent and repeatable results.

Qualitest recently received an order for a DeMattia Flex Tester from a leading manufacturer of specialty chemicals for rubber, which chose to augment this instrument with an optional thermal chamber. These chambers allow technicians to implement flexure tests at temperatures ranging from -30°C to 200°C. This instrument is also durable and adaptable, with a flexure stroke that can be adjusted from 0 to 60 mm and clamps that can be regulated for distances of up to 100mm.

With the improved functionality provided by this device, we are confident that the DeMattia Flex Tester will assist this company in the creation of high-performance rubber products.