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Water Penetration Tester - Hydrostatic Pressure Tester - Suter Tester

Water Penetration Tester - Hydrostatic Pressure Tester - Suter Tester

AATCC 127-1989 CNS-10460, 1479, 1481, JIS-L1079, L1092, K6550

AATCC Water Penetration Tester (Hydrostatic Pressure Tester) is designed and manufactured according to AATCC-127-1989 (American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists). The main function of these water penetration testers is to test the endurance of waterproof fabric, cloth or other material, as exposed to water.


  • Water Pressure Method
  • Certain Water Pressure Method
  • Water leakage Method


  • Specimen: 8 inch x 8 inch
  • Pressing area dimension: 4.5 inch (about 114 mm)
  • Grip method: pneumatic, able to preset gripping strength
  • Water pressure height: 0 ~ 180 or 0 ~ 350 cm H20
  • Pressure speed: 1 ~ 3 cm H20/sec. Adjustable (or low speed 0 ~ 1 cm H20/sec)
  • With upper/lower limit setting, to protect the machine, lower limit is zero point of water level, this tester must return to lower limit position before continuous next test, to ensure accuracy of each test
  • Fast homing away device, to avoid waiting for a long time to restart
  • Power source: Single phase, 110V/60HZ, or 220V/50HZ or specified
Technical Specification of Water Penetration Tester (Hydrostatic Pressure Tester)
Pressurization diameter4.5 Inch
Pressure range0 ~ 180 cm H200 ~ 350 cm H20
Pressure speed1 ~ 3 cm H20/sec
Specimen holderPneumatic Grip
Dimension52 x 64 x 270 cm (21x26x107 in)60 x 70 x 430 cm (24x28x170 in)
Weight180 kg (390 lbs)300 kg (660 lbs)


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